Nice to Meet You!

IMG-1363Hello from the Vanderslice Family! We are Zach and Mary Lou and we are so glad that you are here! We would love to share a little bit about ourselves as we hope you stay with us as we grow together in our venture towards financial wisdom in saving money within our means.

Mary Lou is about to start her 5th year in teaching and currently works as a 3rd grade Math, Science, and Social Studies teacher. Zach is a Sales Representative for Hydraulic and Industrial Hose products. We have recently been married since June 1st of 2019 and have been learning how to share closet space and the thermostat. Kidding (kind of), but mostly we have been learning how to live together happily and we truly are thrilled to work on The Money-Minded Couple together as we personally strive to gain wisdom in our finances. It is our hope that this project encourages and empowers you to pursue your personal financial goals as well.