5 Healthy Habits to Help You Stay Motivated and Grow Wiser with Your Finances

It is often said that ¨you become the things you surround yourself with.¨ A lot of studies show that those who struggle with the bottle also grew up in homes where alcoholism was present. And positively speaking, most students who attend college had parents who also received further education beyond high school. Your surroundings can affect you either positively or negatively, depending on how well you control your surroundings. This is true in your social life, your educational life, your family life, and your financial life.

Although we are unable to control everything about our surroundings, we still have the power to control some. And one of the best ways to regularly surround yourself with a good, healthy environment is to build habits. Some of the best ways to stay motivated in pursuing your financial goals and growing wiser with money require habit. So we decided to share 5 habits that help us stay focused on our financial goals and learn along the way. Here you go!

1. Read At Least One Chapter a Week from a Book on Finance

Reading may sound dull to some, but there is no greater way to gain advice, tips, or knowledge about money than to hear it from some of the most renowned financial gurus in the world. There are numerous books on finance, so sparing 7 to 10 minutes a week to read at least one chapter can be well worth your time.

2. Find a Podcast That Talks Finance

If you do not like reading, try tuning into some podcasts that talk finance. It may be more entertaining than reading for some and also very convenient if you listen while in the car for your daily commutes.

3. Talk Openly About Finances With Your Spouse

I know this one is hard for many, because it is a sensitive topic that requires vulnerability, team effort, and patience. However, having honest conversations with your life partner over your finances opens doors for the two of you to gain traction in your pursuit of financial goals and will grow you closer together because it rids of any walls built between you both. Push through the awkward, difficult part at first so you can have healthier finances as well as a healthier relationship.

4. Surround Yourself with Trusted Friends That Also Have Financial Goals

We are not suggesting you rid of any friends you have that are not in the same financial realm as you. We are saying that having friends who also take their finances seriously and are willing to hold you accountable can be helpful. Doing anything difficult alone is challenging, so why not share your effort with others and build each other up? It is easier to continue forward with your goals when you have others to help you along the way.

5. Practice Humility and Learn From Every Situation

Nobody truly has it all together. Don´t be so hard on yourself if you mess up. Rather, admit your fault and learn from it. It is hard sometimes to admit we messed up, especially if it has to do with money, but humbling yourself and allowing yourself to learn from a setback enables you to stay positive and grow in wisdom. You can make all the money you want, but without the wisdom to use it wisely, it is worth nothing. So take the time to humble yourself and admit you don´t know everything when it comes to money. It is more likely that you will seek wisdom and advice if you do.

We hope you find these habits encouraging and attainable. You´re not alone! Keep going and keep learning!

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