25 Budget-Friendly Date Ideas

For those in a relationship, you know that life always seems to find a way to prevent you from having a quality date night with your significant other. Late work days, a long list of to-do´s, family and friend obligations, kids, and of course, money, often demand your attention, distracting you from the more important work it is to maintain a healthy, intimate relationship with your spouse. Maybe money is a bit tight for you, and you´re wanting to stay true to your budget so you can have a healthy bank account, which is fair, but you also want a healthy marriage/relationship. How do you have both? Well, Mary Lou and I both think it good to splurge on date night every once in a while and enjoy a romantic night out in fancy clothes and fancy food, but it may not be best to do that every date night if you want to stay true to your budget. So we decided to share a list of 25 date ideas that are fun and won´t break the bank! Here is the list:

  1. Go for a walk together at a park or on the beach.
  2. Work out together at the gym or exercise outside.
  3. Get a Redbox movie and share a pint of ice cream together.
  4. Read at Barnes & Noble and share a dessert from their café.
  5. $8 Meal Challenge – Explore your grocery store together and see if you can find a meal you can make. The rule is that you can´t spend more than $8.
  6. Set a money limit – $10 to $20 – and allow you or your spouse to pick out whatever entertainment at Wal-Mart they would like to buy for the evening (cake/cookie mix, drinks, board games, art supplies, movies/video games, etc.)
  7. Look up ¨Dollar Day¨ at the local museum.
  8. If your city has one, check out the local art walk.
  9. Bake a dessert for friends or family and surprise them with it. Being a blessing to others together will grow you closer.
  10. Play video games together.
  11. Go for a drive while stopping by sonic for slushes.
  12. Make root beer floats with frozen pizza.
  13. Give each other massages with lit candles and relaxing music.
  14. Pick out an old favorite movie and build a blanket fort to watch in while eating popcorn.
  15. Right your goals out for the year together and share them over a glass of wine.
  16. Make a homemade board game together with your own rules and own playing cards that go with the game.
  17. Have a picnic at the park.
  18. Rent out bikes or scooters and go for a ride together.
  19. Assuming you have a fishing license, go fishing!
  20. Have an art night – play your favorite music while you draw, paint, or craft whatever that inspires you.
  21. Go thrift shopping and see who can come up with the better bargain.
  22. Make homemade pizza together and add the toppings to your personal liking on your half of the pizza to share.
  23. Check out your local library, rent out some books and read at a local coffee shop together.
  24. Look up a YouTube video tutorial of a recipe and watch it as y´all cook, using it as a cooking class. It is fun to compare your results to the video´s.
  25. Drive out to the country and look at the stars while sitting on the hood of your car or in the bed of your truck.

Of course there are numerous budget-friendly date ideas that you can come up with, but this is a list of some of our favorites that we hope you will enjoy as well! Happy dating!

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