Welcome to The Money-Minded Couple!

Another alarm clock sounds off and you’re up early again, preparing for the workday. You’re grateful for your job and the many blessings you have, but if you’re honest, you’re not too excited when you think about how many years of 50 hour work weeks it will take to have the money for that down payment, or the stress that rises when you recall how expensive education is for your kids that are growing so fast, or if you’re uncertain that your retirement fund will be enough for your living expenses. As of right now, roughly 58 to 60% of Americans do not have at least $1,000 in their savings, which means there are a lot of people in our country feeling stressed, hopeless, and even uncertain if they can ever strive for financial peace. My wife (Mary Lou) and I (Zach) are newly weds just trying to be as smart with our money as we can as we strive for making a good first down-payment on a home. Mary Lou works as a 3rd Grade Teacher and I am a Sales Representative for hydraulic and industrial hose products. We are by no means financial experts, however we believe that through our collective effort of finding ways to save little-by-little, it has compelled us to want to share and walk alongside those who are striving for the same thing: financial peace and wisdom. So with great excitement, we want to welcome you to our new project: The Money-Minded Couple! 

We are a web source dedicated to sharing simple, practical money-saving tips to anyone trying to increase their savings and invest in their future. Whether that be in preparation for children, retirement, or (if you’re like Mary Lou and I) saving for that down payment on a first home. It is our hope that what we share through The Money-Minded Couple will provide for you both the information and the inspiration needed to start planning simple-to-understand saving strategies that will help you reach your financial goals. Here is a list of things that we will upload through this website: 

  1. A weekly blog post every Tuesday that will provide a practical money-saving tip that we can do every day. (Most will be things we should already know, but sometimes learning statistics and practical strategies to help with the process can motivate us to care more about our daily expenses).
  2. A video post from Mary Lou every weekend where she will share meals that cost only around $10 total. She will provide information on nutrition, brands, and cost of each item and will also share how she likes to prepare her meals. (I may be biased, but I love her cooking). 
  3. A monthly podcast where both Mary Lou and I will interview friends/experts who work in industries that deal with financial decisions on a regular basis such as real estate, financial consulting, entrepreneurship, and much more!

Please note that, again, go to someone like Dave Ramsey if you’re needing financial advice on major life decisions. Our goal is not to lead you through how to buy a home, but rather, our goal is to share with you what we personally have learned and benefited from in our simple, every-day saving strategies towards buying a home. 

It is Mary Lou and I’s hope and prayer that The Money-Minded Couple will benefit you in some way. Let’s go forth together and learn from each other in how we can all work towards a better financial future! 

God Bless.

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